Our offer

We offer the production of high quality aircraft engine parts, chassis and airframe parts according to the supplied documentation from both entrusted and own material.

We offer to our customers our experience and competence in the production of details made of various aeronautical materials: stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys. Among the details manufactured by us are mainly casings, bodies, hulls, rotors, thin-walled rings and flanges, shields and covers, sleeves and shafts, seals and injection parts.

In addition to aviation, we are also active in the military, mechanical sealing, oil and gas and railways industries. We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of special processes such as heat treatment, coatings, control of cleanliness, plasma, EMD, etc.

Our possibilities result from many years of experience in the mechanical processing market supported by the experience of our employees, our modern and skillfully selected machinery, production and technology organization and our own FPI line. In addition, we have an accredited research laboratory within the group of companies.

Feel free to visit our company head office. You will be able to see a full presentation of our capabilities which cannot be showed on the website given the character of our contracts.